COVID-19 Testing Services – Eureka Medical Laboratories

We offer two types of diagnostic tests for COVID 19. These are:

  • Real-Time Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction (rRT-PCR) Testing for COVID-19 – We are the only private laboratory that is recognized by the government to offer this service for people who are travelling. Thus, our results are the only ones accepted by international airlines for people coming from Guyana.
  • Antibody Tests for COVID-19 (Rapid Test) – We are among other entities identified by the Ministry of Health Guyana to administer this test.

What is an rRT-PCR assay?

RT-PCR is a molecular diagnostic technique to detect viral genetic material (viral RNA) in a biological sample after having amplified it to allow for its detection. This testing methodology represents the current gold standard for detecting presence of the virus in the respiratory tract, i.e. for identifying active infections. This technique has very good sensitivity and specificity, meaning that it is very reliable.

Turnaround time is within 48 hours.

What are Antibody tests?

A COVID-19 antibody test is a blood test that can, to some extent, determine if you’ve had COVID-19 before. 

Are antibody tests used to determine if a person has coronavirus disease 2019, that is, diagnose COVID-19?

No. These tests cannot be used to diagnose COVID-19 infection. These are prone to producing false negative results particularly in the early course of infection, when antibodies directed towards the virus have not yet developed, or they may generate false positive results (for example, if antibodies to another coronavirus type are present in the patient).

Therefore, a positive antibody test in the absence of symptoms associated with COVID-19 may have little clinical meaning. For these and other reasons, the results of antibody tests may not be useful in identifying persons with COVID-19, and the results of these tests should be interpreted with extreme caution.

Turnaround time is within 2-3 hours.

(Note: For further analysis on the difference of these two tests, please click here).



A drive-thru testing site is a place where parents and children stay in their car while a health care provider does the COVID Test.

How Can We Get COVID-19 Testing at a Drive-Thru Testing Location at Eureka Medical Laboratories?

You can access this service through:

  1.  The Main Branch at 263 Thomas Street
  2.  EML Rosehall and New Amsterdam Branch
  3.  EML Parika Branch
  4.  EML Bartica Branch
  5.  EML Diamond Branch
  6.  EML Linden Branch

What Will Happen at the Testing Location?

  • You need to park your car near any Eureka Laboratory site.
  • Pay for the test and indicate whether you are doing a PCR Test or a Rapid Antigen Test. (see information on the differences of these 2 tests here).
  • You will be advised to go to your car.
  • You’ll keep your car windows closed until you’re told to open them. 
  • A collector will ask a few questions and shall take a nasal swab. Discomfort may vary from one person to another.  There are some who experience nosebleeds, but the majority don’t.  You may opt to take your own sample by gently putting a long Q-tip onto your nose with directions from the collector.   However, if you do so, you may run the risk of having a retest because of insufficient samples that you may collect.
  • Expect some delay while waiting for your turn. Entertain yourself whilst waiting in your car.